New Website Launched

We’re pleased to announce, that our new website has been launched this week. ¬†This has been a large milestone for us, as time is always difficult to focus on our own website, however the amount of services we now provide has been a key focus point to getting the new site ready to go. You can now browse between all the services we offer, this includes Managed IT Support, Search Engine Optimisation, Website Hosting, Domain Registration and much more.

We are based in Newport on Tay, however we have clients all around the UK. We provide IT Services in and around Dundee, Perth & Fife mainly. We provide support services to Businesses and Residential Users.

We’ve also brought in Connectivity services in the way of ASDL and Fibre services, again these services can be provided anywhere in the UK with equipment being sent directly to you, configured and ready to go. Hand in hand with Connectivity, we also now provided Hosted Phone Systems, again these can be provided anywhere in the globe, with handsets only requiring internet connectivity and calls can be made anywhere in the world, to any destination. This provides greater cost savings than traditional BT based phone systems.

Contact us today, if you have any questions.

Steven Mitchell